Rayburn Stratus Extra Slim


Rayburn Stratus 75-30 Extra Slim Electric Fire (75cm wide unit).

Available in three widths and with a Suite.


Rayburn Stratus Extra Slim built in electric fires.

The Rayburn Stratus Extra Slim electric fire offers a contemporary look. Available in three sizes, they’re easy to install with just a 13 amp supply. No flue or chimney is required. They make a captivating addition to any room.

Each model is supplied with a remote control. This allows you to adjust the flame pattern, the temperature and adjust the colours of your fire. In addition, you can programme your fire to turn on and off.

One of the advantages of the Stratus fire is that they can be fitted into a variety of walls which can be keyed to the glass edge of the appliance. These appliances come with a highly attractive frame too as an alternate finish option.


Rayburn Stratus XS
The Rayburn Stratus Extra Slim with Suite.

The Rayburn Stratus will add a gentle heat to your living space and are ideal to use in conjunction with your existing central heating system. Rayburn Stratus electric fires have been designed to emulate the restful appeal and cosiness of a real fire. The flickering flames are extremely realistic.

They also offer excellent controllability. Using the remote control, you can change the flame picture instantly. You can easily adjust the flame patterns, colours and the heat output to your room with the touch of a button.

Rayburn Suites for the Stratus.

The Rayburn Stratus Extra Slim is also available as a suite. This beautifully designed suite is designed to fit the extra slim series of Stratus fires to create a chic and stylish centrepiece for your home. With easy installation and the option to colour your suite, you can create a truly unique fireplace.


Rayburn Stratus XS



Additional information

Fuel Type


0.9KW to 1.9KW


Steel and Glass

Stratus 75-30 XS Dimensions

Height(mm) 504
Width(mm) 741
Depth(mm) 130
Weight (kg) 37

Stratus 75-30 XS Suite Dimensions

Height (mm) 2135
Width(mm) 1525
Depth(mm) 150
Weight(kg) 36

Stratus 100-30 XS Dimensions

Height(mm) 504
Width(mm) 995
Depth(mm) 130
Weight(kg) 45

Stratus 100-30 XS Suite Dimensions

Height(mm) 2135
Width (mm) 1525
Depth(mm) 150
Weight(kg) 28

Stratus 125-30 XS Dimensions

Height(mm) 504
Width(mm) 1249
Depth(mm) 130
Weight(kg) 54

Stratus 125-30 XS Suite Dimensions

Height(mm) 2135
Width(mm) 1525
Depth(mm) 150
Weight (kg) 36

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Installation of domestic solid fuel, oil or gas appliances must be certified by a competent engineer. A HETAS, OFTEC or GAS SAFE Engineer is recommended or equivalent governing body. Building Regulations approval is also possible when work is carried out by a competent person.

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