Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves are an extremely efficient form of home heating and environmentally friendly too. When burnt correctly with seasoned logs, wood is both a renewable and carbon-neutral energy. correct fuel is key. Advances in wood burning technology now mean that you get more heat from your fuel, superb control and a cleaner burn process. All this without losing the clear, hypnotic view of the flickering flames you only get from burning wood. You’ll need to consider flue requirements, log store/supply and if you are in a smoke control zone. But with the latter, most wood burners are now so clean they are smoke exempt.

Woodburning Stoves from Rangemoors

Interested in a price? Want to experience a Wood Burning Stove in the flesh? Contact us for pricing, further product information and details of current display models in our purpose built showroom. In the meantime, view a selection of Wood Burning Stoves below.

Showing 1–24 of 139 results

Showing 1–24 of 139 results