Revolutionary Gas and Electric fires

Looking for a cosy fire which is easy to use and maintain? Rangemoors revolutionary gas and electric fires could be just what you’re looking for.

Gas and Electric fires may have had bad press in the past, but they’ve undergone a major image transformation. Gone are the days when they were expensive to run and looked ‘fake’ or plasticky. Recent times have seen a revolution in the aesthetics, efficiency and performance of gas and electric fires. Here are just some of the major selling points.

Bring a wonderful glow and atmosphere to your living space

Gas and electric appliances from Stovax and Gazco couple advanced technology with ultra-lifelike logs to create truly realistic flames that are almost indistinguishable from a real wood burning fire.

With orange flames that dance and embers that glow, modern gas and electric fires can truly become the cosy heart of any home. Would you need to look twice to tell this is a gas fire?

Riva F670 Gas Stove Rangemoors Devon

What’s more, the choice of gas and electric stoves is varied and extensive, with both contemporary and traditionally styled stoves, as well as inset, wall hanging or freestanding.

Beautiful as well as warming, gas and electric appliances will bring a wonderful glow and atmosphere to your living space.

Enjoy ambiance without the effort

Almost every gas and electric fire at Rangemoors is remote controlled making them extremely easy to operate and enjoy.

Wood fires involve stacking wood, cutting kindling, carrying logs inside, cleaning out the firebox and disposing of ash. In contrast there is very little work involved in a gas or electric fire – you can enjoy control at the touch of a button.

If you love the allure of dancing flames but would rather not leave the comfort of your sofa to put another log on the fire, it might be time to consider gas or electric.

Radiance 135R Inset Electric Fire Rangemoors Devon

Save money as well as time

Gas and electric fires and stoves generally involve little or no installation compared to a woodburning stove, which might require flue materials, labour, hearth and scaffolding. With an electric fire, it could be as simple as plugging it in!

Not only is a gas or electric fire likely to save you money on installation costs, they also offer excellent economy on running costs, whereas logs or briquettes can be expensive.

Gas Inset Fire Rangemoors Devon

See for yourself!

So if you are warming to the idea of lifelike flames and cosy warmth with complete control, come and see for yourself! We have a dedicated area at our Winkleigh showroom in North Devon which focuses purely on gas and electric stoves. Get a real feel for these easy to use appliances – there are many to choose from and they are becoming increasingly more popular for the busy modern home. Enjoy control at the touch of a button.




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